Dear customers and members,


In the last month we changed some small things with GalaxyHosting.


In the beginning of the month we removed Paymentwall as payment method due to issues we had with that company.

The new payment method that came in place is Mollie! Mollie has made our life a lot easier, Paymentwall took 2 months to decline our request to accept creditcards. Mollie only took 2 days to accept creditcard! So thats also our next thing we've added.

You can now pay with creditcard or debitcard! See the screenshot if you are interested how Mollie looks when checking out.


We've also changed the prices of our servers in Canada! We first charged a bit more if you wanted to host in Canada, but we changed the prices to the same price as Europe, so without extra payment you can now host your server in Canada!


Last but not least, we re-enabled our live chat on our website! You can now come in contact with one of our support agents on our website.


What we are working on right now:


At this moment we are working on some new cool things we can support @ GalaxyHosting.

The first thing you will see very soon are Domains and Webhosting! We've been working on this for some time but I think we should be able to launch this next week!

When this new awesome feature releases on GalaxyHosting, we will be adding bundles. Which will reduce the prices of your servers if you rent in bulk.

Think of 5 Minecraft Servers + a Domain and Webhosting. Which will get you a free Minecraft server. The exact prices for the bundles are accessible after our bundle page got released.


At the same time, we are also working on supporting a new game. We won't announce which game we are going to support yet, but we will keep you guys up-to-date.


Thanks for choosing GalaxyHosting and have an amazing day!


Best Regards,


GalaxyHosting Staffteam

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

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